$MNMD crash landing after their high point?

Psychedelics have a played huge role in human development and evolution. Medicine men and shamans all around the world have use psychedelics to cure illnesses and see visions to help further their community. Some of the greatest minds have experimented with psychedelics, such as Steve Jobs. Now psychedelics have a new role of alleviating cluster […]

Is $MVIS a meme stock or the real thing?

Microvision is a company that specializes in a wide range of technologies that include 3D laser imaging and micro projectors. A good example of this is when R2D2 relays Princess Leia’s message to the Rebels. It’s the little 3D image that pops up with sounds and movement. Microvision’s technology is very futuristic and has not […]

Is $SPY a good buy?

Exchange-Traded Funds or EFTs are a great way to save and maximize your overall investment. Most retail investors use EFTs for long term investing, but there is also the options for short term investing too. EFTs are a combination of stocks that are bought and sold together as one security. You can find EFTs in […]