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$MNMD crash landing after their high point?

Psychedelics have a played huge role in human development and evolution. Medicine men and shamans all around the world have use psychedelics to cure illnesses and see visions to help further their community. Some of the greatest minds have experimented with psychedelics, such as Steve Jobs. Now psychedelics have a new role of alleviating cluster headaches to helping with addiction.

Credit: MindMed

Mind Medicine is a company from Canada that is listed on NASDAQ stock exchange on April 29th. It was considered a penny stock until recently the stock hit 5 dollars per share. Although in recent trading it started to slip back down to the 4 dollars a share region. $MNMD has also become a darling with the Reddit retail traders on Wall Street Bets (WSB). I talk alot about this subreddit because with their vast subscribers (9.9 million). WSB can usually take an obscure company and elevate their profile to a national and world stage.

I personally think that $MNMD is the wave of the future for medicine. Heavy research and development has left their financials in the red, but once they develop a break through therapy those numbers will quickly turn green. I’m going to long term invest in this company. What do you think about psychedelic research? Do you think this company will is a good investment?

Is $MVIS a meme stock or the real thing?

Microvision is a company that specializes in a wide range of technologies that include 3D laser imaging and micro projectors. A good example of this is when R2D2 relays Princess Leia’s message to the Rebels. It’s the little 3D image that pops up with sounds and movement. Microvision’s technology is very futuristic and has not gone mainstream, as of yet.

Credit: Nicely Done Sites

Microvision has recently became a darling of the subreddit, WallStreetBets. The stock price for $MVIS was roughly around 2 bucks a share and quickly rose to a 52 week high of 28 dollars a share. Redditors band together and buy these heavily shorted stocks to they can create pressure on the short sellers. The short squeeze has been a common tactic for the Redditors to take advantage of. There have already been multiple examples of this playing out with $AMC and $GME. Short sellers beware!

Although, it would be a nice quick money maker if an investor grabbed some of the stocks early before the squeeze, but this is not a long term play. At some point, the stock will fall and there will be plenty of bag holders who bought at the top of the rollercoaster. I have personally steered clear of this stock altogether because I did not have the excess capital to get in when it was still low enough. What are your thoughts on the $MVIS squeeze? Or do you think this is a good long term play?

Is $SPY a good buy?

Exchange-Traded Funds or EFTs are a great way to save and maximize your overall investment. Most retail investors use EFTs for long term investing, but there is also the options for short term investing too. EFTs are a combination of stocks that are bought and sold together as one security. You can find EFTs in a wide range of sectors throughout the economy such has oil securities to green securities.

Credit: investing for Beginners

$SPY is an EFT that is composed of the companies that make the Standard and Poor’s index. It is the largest Exchange-Traded Fund in the world and has a market cap of roughly 31 trillion. Today $SPY opened at $413 and closed 3 dollars higher! Year to date the fund has gain 13% which is an awesome return for any investment in less than a half of a year.

The questions is: would I buy into $SPY? Absolutely! My overall goal is not to do long term investing for this project, but you can always short sell EFTs and buy call and put options. Buying some options contracts could really make an impact on my portfolio, although the fund is trading really high, the contracts are really expensive. It would be capital intensive, but overall it would be a good move. Are you an EFT investor? Do you think $SPY is a good buy?

Is $COIN adding up?

Coinbase was founded in 2012 and a leader in housing crypto currency accounts and crypto currency exchange. Crypto currency is created by using blockchain technology to create a form of currency that is not back by a country or a central bank. Block chain technology is being used as a currency and a whole host of other uses such as agriculture and digital art (NFTs).


Coinbase recently went public on April 14, 2021 and the IPO skyrocketed to $409 per share and a valuation of 47 billion dollars. The price per share has dropped dramatically, but still a force to be reckoned with. The value of Coinbase during its high note was in the Top 100 most valuable US companies. The current share price today is hovering close to $321 dollar per share.

Personally, I find that crypto currency is interesting and may have lots of value in the future, but I cannot find myself investing in it now. The crypto markets are highly volatile and could have wild swings and crashes at any moment. The slightly popular Doge Coin bounced from roughly 1 cent to 40 cents just from a tweet from Elon Musk. There are over 4000 different types of crypto currency and Coinbase is a way to keep and trade a lot of them. We will see what the future holds but for right now I’m going to wait and see on crypto and Coinbase.

Do you trade crypto currency? Do you think Coinbase is over/undervalued as a company?

$TSLA is on a roll…for now

Tesla is the first company in the United States to mass produce just electric vehicles. The fleet does not include hybrid or gasoline power vehicles, which has been the fleet of many of Tesla’s competitors. Other car companies do sell electric vehicles now, but not to the scale as Tesla. The company has enjoyed almost a monopoly status in the EV market because of its volume and outsized brand.

Credit: The Street

Tesla has a different business model that traditional cars makers. General Motors produces cars and sells them to a dealership, then the dealership sells them to the end consumers. Tesla on the other hand sell directly to the consumer and does not have a dealership middleman that makes a cut of the profit. Tesla also produces most of its parts in a vertical supply chain instead of subcontracting parts like other manufacturers.

$TSLA is a favorite stock from retail investors and professional investors alike. The stock just keeps going up and up and up! Although, one thing to consider is that Tesla just started to make a profit and that took 18 years to do! Also, other major car companies are starting to change over their production lines to create EVs. General Motors is building two massive battery plants to compete with Tesla. Once these more established car manufacturers come online and only product electric vehicles then we will see how Tesla compares to the competition. As of now, Tesla is a good buy and the stock is very popular, but as the car giants start to catch up, Tesla might be left in the dust. What is your experience with Tesla? Do you think the stock price is a good representation of the company or is it overvalued?

Is $PTON the right fit for your portfolio?

Peloton ($PTON) is a fitness lifestyle brand that has taken America by storm during the Covid-19 pandemic. Gyms all across the US has to close their doors during the lockdown and people were wondering how they would continue to keep in shape. Peloton started as a stationary bike brand that also gave the riders a personal trainer experience in their own home. Peloton has evolved and now offers all type of guided exercises.

In December, I wanted to get into shape so I purchased the newest edition to the Peloton fleet, the Peloton Tread +. It’s a beast of a machine and took almost 3 months to arrive! I’m glad I did because I have use it quite often since it has arrived. The Peloton App has some really great quality prerecorded video to guide your workouts too. Also, the trainers are very knowledgeable and keep you entertained and motivated!

Now for the more important stuff…is Peloton stock a good buy? Peloton’s 2020 revenue reached dizzying heights at around 1.825 billion, although their net income is a depressing negative 71 million. The pandemic is slowly coming to a close with more people getting vaccinated and those people who bought a new bike or tread might go back to the gym. I do not believe that Peloton will be going anywhere in the foreseeable future, but they need to become a profitable company.

$PTON has made me a few bucks here and there on some quick call options, but long-term I do not believe their stock price of upwards of $118 a share is sustainable. Who am I to judge though, $GME is still trading for close to $166 a share! How do you feel about Peloton stock? Is it a good buy or one to avoid?

Processing $AMD

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is a company that is based in Santa Clara, California and creates microprocessors for computers. AMD is known worldwide for their performance computer parts and really big with gamers. I recently built a gaming computer for my Son and I used an AMD Ryzen 5 3600x for the processor. He’s very happy that I did because he like to report how fast his video game are.

Credit: AMD

AMD was founded about 51 years ago and is a massive multinational organization. Last year, their revenue was 9.7 billion with a net profit of roughly 2.5 billion. They have plenty of cash to throw around. Recently, I have started tracking this company as a possible investor because it’s profit-making ability and it’s legendary brand. Currently, AMD stock price closed at $80.19 per share as of today. Over the last year the stock price is up a whopping 46%!

Credit: Newegg

AMD has some hefty competition in the microprocessor market. Intel is one of the largest chip makers in the world with a revenue in 2020 upwards of 77 billion and net profit in the 20 billion range. Although, AMD is able to keep Intel at bay by being a preferred processor by video gamers. Another rival, Nvidia just release a processor to compete with AMD and Intel in the artificial intelligence computing. The release made shares AMD and Intel drop.

I decided to take the plunge and grab some options for $AMD. With the Nvidia release and shares of AMD down, I figured it was the perfect time to snag up some call options. AMD will probably rise back up to where it was holding over the next week or so. Hopefully, my bet pays out! How do you feel about AMD? Do you think my analysis will come out as a gain or loss?

Is Growth Possible with $SNDL?

Canada has fully legalized marijuana and Mexico is on the verge of legalization with bills being pass through their government. United States has lagged behind both or our neighbors in this revolutionary transformation of drug policy. The drug war of the last four decades failed spectacularly and only increased the amount of addicts and drugs imported across the U.S.

Credit: Cannabis Life Network

Marijuana legalization has gained tremendous steam through the legislative processes among states. Starting with Colorado in 2012, the dominos started to fall as more states started their decriminalization or legalization of the herb. New York State being the latest example! Where I’m at in Nevada, we are a recreational and medical state, although the legislature has some funny laws regarding private cultivation that can be worked around fairly easily.

Credit: Calgary Herald

What does all this have to do with Sundial Growers ($SNDL)? This is a Canadian firm that made big new by being a darling to the retail traders for a short period of time. Sundial’s products include everything from just smokable flowers to extracts and skin creams. The wide variety of products has led them to build a solid brand and name recognition, but getting the products to the United States is the biggest challenge.

Sundial is an awesome company, but they are burning through cash and running at a net loss of about 206 million in 2020. I bought into some of their stock options when I had FOMO. My options expire in July, so they have some time to turn around the stock price, but I have a feeling as long as they are running a deficit, their stock prices will continue to fall. Currently, it is close to a $1 per share. Although, for the long term investor this might be a fire sale for a company that could do big things in the near future.

How do you feel about marijuana legalization? Do you think this company will continue to innovate and become a dominant player in the cannabis market?

The Future is $LAC

Electric vehicles are the future and major car companies are betting their fortunes on bringing that to a reality. $TSLA is the most recognizable electric car company in the world and now others are following suite. $GM is building a massive battery plant in Ohio to compete with Tesla Gigafactories and partnered with $RIDE to build electric trucks. GM’s Hummer brand is expected to have the massive SUVs on the road by 2024.

Credit: Elko Daily Free Press

What does all this have to do with $LAC? Lithium is the major component to making the electric vehicle batteries. Lithium Americas Corp is a mining company that is operations at Thacker Pass, Nevada. This areas is known to have the United States largest supply of lithium and the second largest lithium mining operation! Conveniently, it is located close to the Nevada Gigafactory where Tesla is pumping out batteries for its Model 3 fleet.

This is a buy to me because the company has just recently got all the approvals to start the mining operation. According to their website, they estimate the mine will be in production for over 46 years! The world’s appetite for lithium has only begun and the demand will continue for the foreseeable future. The current stock price is hovering around 15 dollars a share, which I believe is a discount! The 52 week high was roughly 28 dollars. Unless something disastrous happens this company is a literal gold mine. Get in early and be patient!

How high do you think $LAC will go?