$MNMD crash landing after their high point?

Psychedelics have a played huge role in human development and evolution. Medicine men and shamans all around the world have use psychedelics to cure illnesses and see visions to help further their community. Some of the greatest minds have experimented with psychedelics, such as Steve Jobs. Now psychedelics have a new role of alleviating cluster headaches to helping with addiction.

Credit: MindMed

Mind Medicine is a company from Canada that is listed on NASDAQ stock exchange on April 29th. It was considered a penny stock until recently the stock hit 5 dollars per share. Although in recent trading it started to slip back down to the 4 dollars a share region. $MNMD has also become a darling with the Reddit retail traders on Wall Street Bets (WSB). I talk alot about this subreddit because with their vast subscribers (9.9 million). WSB can usually take an obscure company and elevate their profile to a national and world stage.

I personally think that $MNMD is the wave of the future for medicine. Heavy research and development has left their financials in the red, but once they develop a break through therapy those numbers will quickly turn green. I’m going to long term invest in this company. What do you think about psychedelic research? Do you think this company will is a good investment?

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