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About Me:

After high school, I started working in a factory just like my parents. It was what most people did after high school in my social-economic range in small town Ohio. I never thought I would go to college or become something more than a low-level employee, punching the time card, and putting together widgets. After a few months, I was severely injured by a malfunctioned machine and that sent me down a dark path for a few years, but once my daughter was born in 2008, I realized that I wanted to do more and be able to give my daughter a better example. I attended a community college full time and worked full time in another factory. It was rough, but I kept at it until I graduated. Then, I enrolled at Bowling Green State University to major in accounting.

Accounting was not my passion, but after taking a few courses, I realized I was good at it and it made sense to me. During my Junior year at BGSU, I got an internship in the accounting department of the manufacturing plant was I already working in. It was nice to feel like I could put my education to real world applications. I assumed I would stay in cost accounting because a major section of Ohio economy was manufacturing. Although, life had other ideas!

I moved to California and got a job with a local charity. I got to see first-hand how charities impact the lives of the less fortunate. I love being a part of this community, even though I worked in a support department and not on the front line. I worked my way from a Staff Accountant all the way to an Accounting Manager. It opened my eyes to fund accounting and how charities are funded. Donations, grants, and government contracts can be a whole other ball game when it comes to keeping the books on track.

Now I am less than a semester away from my Masters of Business Administration at the University of Nevada, Reno. I am not sure if this is the end of the road for my education or I will continue on to get a certification, but it has been quite the ride. If I teach my daughter one thing about life it would be that hard work and determination, with a dash of grit, will get you where you want to go!