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Hello Reader! My name is Matthew Kirkland and I intend to share with you my journey becoming a knowledgeable and, hopefully profitable day trader. The stock market is considered by many a place for rich people to get richer. Others consider it a casino that you can gamble away money speculating on specific stocks and options. I have been fascinated with financial markets for a long time a feel this a great way to boost my knowledge and share my experiences along the way.

My experience with the stock market is very limited and mostly with just putting money into my retirement account such as a 401k. Retirement accounts is a very boring way to approach such an exciting life an investor can have! For instance, retail trader Keith Gill aka Roaring Kitty was virtually on Capitol Hill today testifying in front of members of congress on his wild ride investing in Gamestop. He was not invited to testify because he socked money away into his retirement account. Mr. Gill/Kitty analyzed Gamestop stock in June of 2019 and noticed that massive hedge funds were continuously shorting the stock. At one point, the stock started to bubble and Gill’s investment of 50 thousand dollars turned into 48 million. Yep, that’s million with a M!

I understand that Mr. Gill’s experience is not a regular occurrence, but it is not totally out of the realm of possibilities. I would like to expand my knowledge of options trading and noticing trends in stock rises and falls. Also, my ultimate goal is to create diversified investment portfolio to make profit on a regular occurrence. I understand the risks involved in playing in the stock market and the things I write on this blog is my opinion and not financial advice!